RIOMAR is a shipping company that operates its own fleet of dry cargo vessels of the river-sea class. The company operates in accordance with all the rules, norms and regulations of the International Maritime Conventions and Classification Societies - for the transportation of goods on both sea and inland waterways. Our fleet transports a wide range of dry cargo, including grain, coal, corn, and more.

Cargo transportation

Our company specializes in the transportation of dry and general cargo in the Black, Azov, Mediterranean and Red Seas; however, our expertise and accumulated experience allow us to work in any other regions. We are constantly working to expand the geography of operation of our vessels.


Technical management

RIOMAR provides full specter of technical management services for both - dry cargo ships and oil/chemical tankers: ISM / ISPS / MLC management services, ship supply, ship repairs, technical supervision, marine surveys and audits, etc.


Commercial management

Having a direct contact with all primary trading companies of Black and Mediterranean regions, RIOMAR is able to provide a variety of cargoes for vessels under company’s commercial management to maximize their financial performance.


Crewing management

Company performs crew selection for vessels of any type, flag, size, etc. Our seafarers’ database is being updated and expanded on a constant basis, while ship manning and social welfare of crew are always processed in strict accordance with ITF requirements.

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